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Aquaculture Improvement Programme with ASC and WWF




Interested in social monitoring for your farm? For more information:

Thai Union has a strong interest in sustainable sourcing and impact measurement as it is concerned with social issues within its supply chain. Verifik8 is currently conducting a pilot project with Thai Union to monitor and assess social issues on the farm level. Verifik8 enables Thai Union to collect social and environmental data on its farms and to visualise it in a meaningful manner. 

In this pilot, Verifik8 will trial its social analytics and Workers' Voice solution. The Verifik8 application monitors social key performance indicators covering the following aspects: health and safety, child labour, non-discrimination, grievance mechanism, and other social issues. The Workers' Voice solution cross-checks information declared on the Verifik8 platform through automated voice call surveys to farm workers. 

This project allowed VerifiK8 to replicate this threefold scheme with its partners : 


  • On-site liaison with shrimp farms which Thai Union sources from

  • Design thinking on input habits and preferences

  • Verifik8 application training for data input


  • Regular data input by farms on Verifik8 application

  • Workers' Voice calls by Verifik8

  • Data cross-check with Workers' Voice data


  • Quarterly compliance reports regarding social and environmental analytics of farms

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