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A New Thai Government App for the Trade of Aquatic Animals

The traceability of aquatic products in Thailand must be improved to increase buyers' trust. One of the major problems the industry has to face is the mixing of aquatic animals from various origins. This is why the Department of Fisheries has launched a web application to issue documents for the trading of aquatic animals. Shrimp farmers require specific certificates in order to sell their products. This allows buyers to know where the shrimp and aquatic animals come from. With this application, the government can monitor all operations across the different steps of the transportation and selling process. Previously, all traceability documents were prepared by the government. However, with this application, stakeholders across the supply chain can participate in the creation of these documents.

Why are these documents needed?

Buyers and farmers must provide the Aquatic Animal Purchasing Document (APD) through a government website ( This is to facilitate farmers and operators in the issuance of documents concerning the trade of aquatic animals and clarify the sources of marine shrimp and aquaculture products. This document also helps consumers to verify the products’ quality: it proves that the products are chemical-free. It increases the confidence of all trading partners in the traceability system of Thailand. The application of the APD trade documents enables efficient traceability of aquatic animals and is more convenient for farmers and entrepreneurs. It also reduces the use of paper because all information regarding aquatic animal trading can be sent in the form of an electronic file.

What are the differences between the documents, who should use it and when?

The APD (Aquatic Animal Purchasing Document) is a document for the sale of aquatic animals on which the buyer can find all information regarding the birth of the animals as well as information on the purchase. It is issued by farmers and all stakeholders to be used in aquatic animal trade. Farmers must fill out the following details. First, they must choose whether they want to do the declaration online or in person. They have to declare the unique document number, the date, the farmer registration number, and specify the sellers and buyers names. The MD/FMD (Movement Document & Aquatic Animal Fry Movement Documents) is a document issued by the Department of Fisheries to farmers, when they want to sell shrimp and all kinds of aquatic animals. The documents identify the source of the aquatic animal, requiring the name, address of the farmers, number, size of aquatic animal, the date of harvest, etc. All stakeholders can fill out all the MD online information and must complete it in 24 hours (currently not developed Program for filling out FMD online information). These documents will be attached to the aquatic animal for sale until reaching the factory. When entrepreneurs want to export goods and want the Department of Fisheries to issue certificates such as Certificate of shrimp delivery to the United States (DS-2031) or Certificate of Hygiene Product (Health Certificate), they must attach a written document. It comes with every request for the certificate to show the origin of the raw material.

How to register to use the application

The farmers do not have to worry about the difficulties in using the application because the Department of Fisheries has staff to provide information and they designed the application to cover the needs of the farmers.

The Department of Fisheries provides free off-site training for farmers who are already registered in the system.

Farmers can register and request a username and password for the application on the website and in the mobile application. (

You can find additional information on the Department of Fisheries website here. (


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